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AP-Pumpen GmbH

Flurstraße 105
D-22549 Hamburg

+49 40 - 39 88 16 - 0
+49 40 - 39 88 16 - 28


Repairs or Reconditioning

AP-Pumpen’s service specialists reliably repair your pump set.

Our spectrum of services comprises preventative maintenance, as well as trouble shooting during a service – this is irrespective of pump type and make.

In the event that you require assistance with a repair, please get in touch with us:

On your behalf, we take care of assembly, dismantling, provision of estimates, procurement of replacement parts, repairs, test runs with power measurements and reinstallation.

Thanks to our workshop being comprehensively equipped with lathes and milling equipment, hydraulic presses, spray booths, welder stand, laser measuring equipment and further special tools, as well as a testing bench for vacuum and rotary pumps, we are able to guarantee you a high degree of individual work and quality.



Don’t wait until you experience an unforeseen breakdown:

No pump lasts forever - bearings, bushings and seals are subject to constant wear and tear and ought to be replaced before a breakdown occurs, ensuring that you safeguard your pump set against more serious damage.

By means of a timely replacement of the wearing parts, you can reduce your repair costs to a minimum and simultaneously significantly lengthen the lifespan of the pump.